Seventeen years ago, Doug Bond decided to sell his beloved 1973 Alfa Romeo GTV.

The Calgary man was about to become a father and maintaining a classic Italian sports car just didn't fit into the family plans.

"Lynn was just pregnant with Drew. Of course, it was totally the family we were focused on," recalled Bond. "The car was just a hobby."

Alfa Romeo

The Alfa Romeo had been sitting on a ranch for the last 17 years. (Karen Moxley/CBC)

Bond's son, Drew, is now 17-years-old. He, like his father, has also shown a great interest in cars. That's why the pair decided to track down the Alfa Romeo with the hope of buying it back.

"A friend of mine bought it. He did some work to the motor and the transmission and then had body work done in Colorado," said Bond.
The car then came back to Canada where it sat in a barn on a ranch for the next 17 years.

Tracking it down

Bond says he lost contact with his friend and didn't have an e-mail address or phone number. But he did remember the location of the ranch in southern Alberta. So the pair took a road trip.

"We stopped in and, sure enough, he had the car and, sure enough, he wanted to get rid of it," said the younger Bond.

"It was covered in dirt and bird crap, mouse droppings, seeds," said Doug Bond. "It was just unbelievable".   

Despite the poor condition, Bond decided to purchase the car and bring it back to their garage at their home in southwest Calgary.

Restoration work underway

Since January, the father-son team have been busy working together to restore the classic Italian coupe with the inline four-cylinder engine. Most of the mechanical work has been completed. The car still needs tail lights, wheels, a steering wheel and seats. A paint job will finish the project.

"I think it's great. It is a pretty neat car," said Bond.

"It's pretty cool having him do a lot of the work that I used to do, figuring it all out, it's just great."

Drew Bond hopes to have the restoration completed by the fall just in time for his final year of high school.

"It will be the coolest car in the parking lot."