A sculpture erected in Olympic Plaza by Occupy Calgary protesters was removed by the city. (D. Gustafson)

The city says it will be a few months before the fate of the sculpture left behind by Occupy Calgary protesters will be decided.

When protesters vacated from Olympic Plaza under the cover of darkness on Dec. 9 they left behind a large monument titled Heart of the Beast in the middle of their former encampment.

It was a cluster of twisting metal prongs pointing upward with a sign in front of it that read: "The People Hold the Power."

The city’s Beth Gignac said the sculpture is in storage for now.

"[We’re] looking at the materials of the piece and doing a technical conservation assessment of the piece itself so we can determine is it safe to be outside — if it were to be outside how will it degrade in the climate? Has it been given any sort of protective coatings?"

Gignac said it will take a few months for the art review board to make its decision.

The sculpture is made of hollow carbon steel and stands about 10 feet tall.