A Calgary company that developed a new way to hail a cab is now dropping the project.

FastCab was a smartphone app that linked licensed cab drivers to customers using GPS. At one point, the company owner says they had 200 taxis using the service, but the established cab companies they worked for stepped in to put a stop to it.

"It's a win for the driver, it's a win for the customer, it was a win for the city," said Jeff Doepker, founder of the company. "Everybody wanted to use it, and then the drivers' jobs were threatened."

He says the drivers then stopped using the app and many of the major taxi companies started launching their own smartphone apps.

The companies also launched a $1 million lawsuit against FastCab.

Doepker says now, FastCab is leaving Calgary but he hopes to start it up in a major Canadian city as well as in the United States.