Workers have begun dismantling a facade on a downtown Calgary building because of falling bricks.

The bricks tumbled down last week, eventually leaving an eight-by-four metre hole in the mid-20th century building at 608 Seventh Street S.W.

The city's chief building official Marco Civitarese determined on Monday that a brick facade needed to be taken down. The building is otherwise structurally sound.

Calgary falling bricks

Workers are removing a brick facade from a downtown building. Some of the five vehicles stranded below are likely going to be damaged. (Carla Beynon/CBC)

Officials evacuated the building last week when the facade started crumbling. Crews erected heavy barricade walls made of stacked concrete blocks and shipping containers in case the wall continued to come down.  

Ian Yeagar's motorbike has been stuck in the parking lot below the building since last week. He isn't allowed to retrieve it and he expects it will be buried in bricks, along with four other vehicles.

“There's really no way to get anything out of there, and quite honestly, it’s not worth risking anybody’s life or injury to get something like that out of there.”

His insurance company told him that he can't make a claim until the motorcycle is damaged.

Calgary car crushed

An Audi was crushed Sunday night when bricks fell from a wall onto the vehicle. (CBC)