Want to be involvedinchoosing the next leaderof the Alberta Progressive Conservatives? Here's what you need to know:

Declared candidates

  • Jim Dinning
  • Victor Doerksen
  • Dave Hancock
  • Gary McPherson
  • Ted Morton
  • Mark Norris
  • Lyle Oberg
  • Ed Stelmach

Party-sponsored candidate forums

  • Medicine Hat, Oct. 30
  • Red Deer, Nov. 1
  • Fort McMurray, Nov. 2
  • Vermilion, Nov. 7
  • Grande Prairie, Nov. 9
  • Edmonton, Nov. 13
  • Calgary, Nov. 15
  • Lethbridge, Nov. 16

Voting dates

First ballot on Nov. 25; second ballot, if necessary on Dec. 2.

Voting eligibility

Anyone who is over 16, an Alberta resident for at least six months, a Canadian citizen and has purchased a $5 Tory membership.

Voting procedure

A paper ballot; voters must cast a ballot in the riding they reside in; there will be one polling station in each urban riding and enough in rural ridings to ensure convenient access.

Candidate eligibility

Candidates must deliver a $15,000 non-refundable deposit and a petition with 500 names of supporting party members.

To win on first ballot

A candidate must get 50 per cent of the member votes plus one; if no first ballot winner, the top three candidates move on to a second ballot.

To win on the second ballot

All voters rank the three candidates in order of preference; the candidate who has 50 per cent plus one of the No. 1 rankings wins; if no candidate reaches that, the bottom candidate drops off and his or her votes are transferred in order of preference to the remaining two and a winner is declared.