Facts on the Alberta Progressive Conservative party leadership race

Want to be the next premier of Alberta, or at least vote for the new leader of the Alberta Progressive Conservatives? Here's what you need to know:

Want to be involvedinchoosing the next leaderof the Alberta Progressive Conservatives? Here's what you need to know:

Declared candidates

  • Jim Dinning
  • Victor Doerksen
  • Dave Hancock
  • Gary McPherson
  • Ted Morton
  • Mark Norris
  • Lyle Oberg
  • Ed Stelmach

Party-sponsored candidate forums

  • Medicine Hat, Oct. 30
  • Red Deer, Nov. 1
  • Fort McMurray, Nov. 2
  • Vermilion, Nov. 7
  • Grande Prairie, Nov. 9
  • Edmonton, Nov. 13
  • Calgary, Nov. 15
  • Lethbridge, Nov. 16

Voting dates

First ballot on Nov. 25; second ballot, if necessary on Dec. 2.

Voting eligibility

Anyone who is over 16, an Alberta resident for at least six months, a Canadian citizen and has purchased a $5 Tory membership.

Voting procedure

A paper ballot; voters must cast a ballot in the riding they reside in; there will be one polling station in each urban riding and enough in rural ridings to ensure convenient access.

Candidate eligibility

Candidates must deliver a $15,000 non-refundable deposit and a petition with 500 names of supporting party members.

To win on first ballot

A candidate must get 50 per cent of the member votes plus one; if no first ballot winner, the top three candidates move on to a second ballot.

To win on the second ballot

All voters rank the three candidates in order of preference; the candidate who has 50 per cent plus one of the No. 1 rankings wins; if no candidate reaches that, the bottom candidate drops off and his or her votes are transferred in order of preference to the remaining two and a winner is declared.