Some flood victims in Exshaw are wondering when they'll see cheques from the province.

Dozens of residents of the mountain hamlet and its surrounding area gathered at the local elementary school Tuesday night for a flood information expo.

"What I brought here is bills for $13,000,” said Kevin Warkentine, who only recently was able to move back in to his Lac des Arcs home.

It was flooded by both the Bow River and Heart Creek, he said.

He now has a stack of expenses and still no answers from the province about compensation, he said.

For many flood victims around Exshaw the cost of rebuilding is becoming overwhelming.

Sue Arlidge still can't go home, she said.

"It's painful and surprising. You don't expect to be restarting your whole economic plan at 50. It's shocking,” she said.

Arlidge wanted to get answers at the flood information session, but instead she left upset.

"Even this meeting here tonight, you know they get your hopes up thinking that you might learn something new. There's nothing here that any of us haven't applied for two and half-months ago,” she said.

Lauren Davison said she’s also frustrated.

"It's been horrible. We've been jumping from place to place, trying to find someplace to stay. We have no idea what's going to happen next."

Davison blames the province for moving too slowly, but said she won't give up.