With RRSP season upon us, some financial advisors have some words of caution when it comes to real estate.

Don't count on your home to bankroll your retirement.

Laura Parsons, a mortgage expert with the Bank of Montreal, says many of her clients tend to think of real estate as a sure bet in retirement.

The bank recently put out a report with advice on saving for your golden years. 

"There's a lot more weight on the value of our homes, so a lot of in fact, 41 per cent are considering that the equity on their home is really going to be the supplement for their retirement. So, that's a little bit concerning," Parsons said.

Calgary financial planner Tim Faunt agrees it's a dangerous assumption considering the impact retiring baby boomers could have on the real estate market.

"There's all of these folks looking to downsize and at the same time, there isn't another group of similar size coming up through the demography to purchase those properties -- well then, those folks have a problem," Faunt explained.

The housing market in Calgary may be in good shape now, but Faunt says it's always wise to diversify.

"They need to be developing their own retirement savings and not be counting on the vagaries of the real estate market to provide for their retirement income."