An exotic bird rescue group is still waiting to get back into its space after it was destroyed by a fire — and that means some cramped quarters.

Anna and Steve Lawrence of Birdline Parrot Rescue take in abused and surrendered birds, rehabilitate them and find them families.

A fire destroyed the main floor of their home in March — and killed 27 birds. They were told insurance would handle everything and their home would be fixed in four to six months, but renovations haven't even started.

Right now they are sharing the basement with 23 birds and their two grown sons. 

"We're overwhelmed, I think its a combination of everything," said Anna. 

Items that were supposedly documented and stored have been lost, and they are fighting to be reimbursed for 20 cages.

"I've been feeling a lot of anger," said Anna, adding the insurance struggle adds to the pain of what they lost.

"I'm ready to call my ombudsman, my MLA, my member of parliament, my whoever, to find out is this how insurance companies are supposed to operate."

The Lawrences are hoping to be back upstairs by Christmas.