An electrical substation that was in danger of falling into the Bow River during last year's flood will be protected against any more flooding.

ENMAX is building a permanent wall around the Douglasdale substation.

"We made sure that we were putting plans in place that were robust enough even in the event we had a flood much greater than the one we experienced last year," said ENMAX CEO Gianna Manes.

The army was called in last June to help shore up the substation near Douglasdale as floodwater surrounded the building and eroded the land between it and the river.

Manes said the wall is being designed so, if it needs to be higher, more concrete blocks can be added to it.

"If it was determined that perhaps we needed to have a taller wall, we could very easily do that and still ensure the protection of the substation."

The protective wall means ENMAX will not have to move the substation which is an important part of the electricity grid in the southeast.

The wall is expected to be completed later this month.

Testing to start on new plant

A major new power plant being built on Calgary's eastern outskirts will soon move into the testing phase.

ENMAX and Capital Power are partners in the $1.4 billion Shepard Energy Centre.

The natural gas-fired plant will eventually generate 800 megawatts of power  enough to supply approximately half of Calgary with electricity.

"Much like you would bring on and check as you build a house, you check the air conditioning system, you make sure the electrical system works, you make sure that your water system works," said CEO Gianna Manes.

ENMAX expects the plant will be fully online and power available to Alberta by 2015.