Residents of five Calgary communities will likely notice a difference in the lighting along their streets soon. 

The City of Calgary has started to replace the existing high-pressure sodium (HPS) street lights with new, energy efficient fixtures.

The switchover is already underway in Altadore. Douglasdale, Marlborough, Tuxedo Park and Brentwood are the other communities in the first phase of this initiative to bring in LED lamps.

“This is the first step in the city’s larger vision of providing Calgarians with smart, sustainable and cost-effective infrastructure,” said Barry Poon, acting director of roads, in a statement. 

The city estimates LED fixtures will reduce electricity consumption for street lights by up to 55 per cent.

“The LED technology will not only reduce electricity use and lower maintenance costs, but will also provide better quality lighting for our communities and roadways,” added Poon.

The city plans to install 2,500 new energy-efficient LED streetlights this summer in the five communities.

Eventually, the city wants to retrofit approximately 80,000 fixtures across Calgary.

street lights

BEFORE: A street in Oakland, Calif., before the city made the switch to LED lights. (GE Lighting )

street lights

AFTER: A street in Oakland, Calif., after the city installed new GE Lighting LED lights. (GE Lighting)