EMS personnel were expected to testify Friday morning at a fatality inquiry into the deaths of two men who tried to flee from Calgary police in 2010.

Byron Gray, 29, and his 18-year old nephew Ryan Gray died in a fiery crash two years ago in northeast Calgary while fleeing from police.

Gray died at the scene while his nephew died a few hours later in hospital.

On Thursday, collision reconstruction expert Graeme Ramsay testified at the inquiry that the Jeep Cherokee driven by Byron Gray was travelling at nearly 155 kilometres an hour when it became airborne and struck a tree before slamming into a bungalow at roughly 104 kilometres an hour.

Police say the officers called off the pursuit and the officers involved have been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing by provincial investigators.

However, the mother of Ryan Gray and sister of Byron Gray believe the officers involved should not get off so easy.

"There should be a finding of wrongful death and there should be some justification and some hands slapped," says Rebecca Gray, who travelled from Penticton, B.C., to attend the inquiry.

"I believe they killed my brother and son."

The fatality inquiry is not seeking to establish fault but rather focuses on the cause, manner and circumstance surrounding the deaths. It will also look into police pursuit policies and emergency response times.