A new email scam is circulating, claiming to be from a Calgary lotto winner.

The email alleges it was written by Tom Crist, the Calgary lotto winner who pledged to give his entire $40 million prize to charity in honour of his wife Jan who died of cancer.

The email tells people they'll get a cheque for $1.2 million in exchange for some personal information.

Crist says he's disappointed by the scam.

"I just don't want to see anybody get hurt by this, right? You know that's all. It’s crazy what people will do. It's really unfortunate. And I just want to do a good thing and you know this thing keeps cropping up."

Its the second scam that's emerged since Crist announced he plans to give away his winnings. The first was a fake Facebook page.

"People are trying to take advantage of a good thing. and that's really unfortunate. And I just say stay away from it. I am sending nothing out, whether its Facebook, email, anything. There’s nothing going out from the real Tom Crist right now. Period."

Kevin Yovoshuk received the email just a few days ago.

"For somebody to say we're going to offer you $1.2 million sight unseen, I kind of knew it was a hoax and it's an appalling hoax."

Calgary police say if you receive an email like this don't send any personal information, don't click on any links and delete the email.