Campaigning just got started in Calgary and already election signs are disappearing or being vandalized.

More than 150 lawn signs from one Ward 9 candidate have vanished in the south community of Acadia, but he says his competitors signs have been left untouched.

Richard Wilkie says other larger signs in Riverbend have also been targeted. 

He's running against four other candidates in the ward and says Gian-Carlo Carra and Jordan Katz are his main competition.

"Is this candidate related? Is this some other people that are supporting the candidates?" Wilkie asked.

"But it is rather interesting to find out that in Acadia on the main roads both of my competitors' signs are all still sitting there, but all of mine are gone."

Wilkie says he will be replacing them at a cost of about $1,000.

He says he will be issuing a cash reward for information leading to the people responsible.