Elbow River flood debris cleanup begins

City crews have begun cleaning up flood debris on the Elbow River and are targeting more than 60 locations around the city.

Bow River cleanup to begin later this year

City crews started cleanup on the Elbow River today to clear debris from flooding in June. (CBC)
Floodwaters washed in a lot of debris, from large trees to construction materials. (CBC)

City crews have begun efforts to clean up debris along the Elbow River that accumulated after floodwaters swept through the city in June.

More than 60 locations have been identified by crews as containing significant amounts of debris, including large trees and construction materials.

Some areas of the river pathways could be closed during the cleanup because of the size of the equipment needed to remove the debris.

While the city is hoping to have the job done in two weeks, it's possible the task could take longer.

Cleanup efforts will begin on the Bow River later this year.