A forensic psychologist testified in defence of convicted torturer Dustin Paxton yesterday at his dangerous offender hearing.

Paxton, 33, was found guilty last February of aggravated assault and sexual assault in the torture of his former roommate. The man, who cannot be named because of a court order, was badly emaciated and beaten when he was dumped at a Regina hospital in 2010. 

The Crown is now seeking to have Paxton declared a dangerous offender, which could keep him behind bars indefinitely. 

On Thursday, Dr. Marc Nesca said he does not believe Paxton is a psychopath and Paxton could be managed in the community with treatment.

Paxton's lawyer, Jim Lutz, had told the court last year his client has had long stretches between his 41 convictions — seven of which are for violent offences — and that demonstrates he is capable of restraining himself.

Paxton has been in custody since his August 2010 arrest.