Dustin Paxton is appealing his indeterminate prison sentence for sexually and physically assaulting his former roommate and business partner. (Calgary Police Service)

A Calgary man who was declared a dangerous offender for torturing his former roommate and business partner is appealing his conviction and sentence.

Dustin Paxton was sentenced to an indeterminate prison sentence in December after he was found guilty of aggravated and sexual assault in 2012.

Paxton cites 27 grounds for appeal in a hand-written, two-page document.

He says Justice Sheilah Martin demonstrated bias throughout the trial and his charter rights were violated because expert testimony that described the victim's testimony as unreliable was excluded.

The 33-year-old also says the judge demonstrated a "complete misunderstanding" of the test that's used to determine if a person is a dangerous offender.

Paxton's former roommate and business partner suffered almost daily beatings over an 18-month period before he was dropped off in critical condition at a hospital in Regina. 

The man was disfigured and has permanent brain damage.

Paxton indicated if a new trial is ordered he would like to be tried by judge and jury.