Builders of a major new commercial centre in northeast Calgary are going out of their way to minimize the disruption for two families of ducks.      

Earth movers and heavy machinery are preparing the land for Melcor Developments' Stoney Industrial Park at the corner of Deerfoot Trail and Country Hills Boulevard northeast.


Melcor Developments, which is building an industrial park at Deerfoot Trail and Country Hills Boulevard, says the duck's pond won't be drained until the ducklings can fly. (CBC)

Graeme and Rose McComiskey, who live near the construction site, started making inquiries when their children worried that the ducks and ducklings were losing their home. 

"The pond is located in such a way that the ducks don’t have anywhere to go," Graeme McComiskey said.

But the company says it is changing its plans to accommodate the ducks.

Some of the water had to be drained from the slough after heavy rain earlier this year, Melcor officials said.


Two families of ducks are living at a slough which is in the path of a major new industrial park development. (CBC)

However the pond will be left in place until later this summer when the ducklings can fly, according to the company.

Chris Manderson, the head of natural area management for the city, said legislation protects migratory birds.

"We certainly make developers aware of the situation and ask that they exercise due diligence in protecting waterfowl and wildlife as they do their activities," he said.

Melcor is also building a new wetland near its commercial development. It is slated to open next year.