AltaLink says adverse weather caused the deaths of hundreds of birds that flew into a transmission line last month near Pincher Creek in southern Alberta.

An estimated 345 birds — mostly ducks and one grey partridge — were found dead under one line.

The issue was brought forward by retired scientist David McIntyre. 

“The biggest concern is not so much what has happened, but the placement of this line between a staging area on the Oldman River valley and the Oldman reservoir and the grain field feeding areas that are adjacent to that,” he said in early January.

Scott Schreiner of AltaLink says an independent company and their internal biologist looked into the deaths.

"In reviewing the weather conditions during that time over several days in December, including high winds of 135 kilometres an hour and low visibility, we believe it contributed to erratic and low altitude flight by the birds in the area," he said. 

"They weren't able to see the lines and they weren't able to avoid them."

Schreiner says the company has installed more bird diverters. He says AltaLink takes the situation seriously and will continue to monitor the area.