Telstar sign blasted off Thursday morning. ((Glenbow Museum))

The Telstar Drug sign in northwestCalgary came down Thursday after 44 years as a city icon.

Therocket-shaped sign on the corner of 14 Street and Kensington Road has beendonated to the Glenbow Museum.

Byron Bergh, the former owner of the Telstar Drugs, said he had mixed emotions about seeing the sign come down Thursday morning.

"We're sad to see it come down, but we're also kind of proud as a family that it's going to go in the Glenbow Museum, because that way it'll be preserved there too."

His father started the pharmacy in 1962 when heading into space was on everyone's mind, which explains the rocket shape,he said.

Telstar Drugs was taken over by Shoppers Drug Mart in October of 2004.

The rocket sign will be displayed at the Glenbowin its new Mavericks gallery, scheduled to open in the spring of next year.