When Heather Colberg's daughter first suggested that the pair take the product they developed to Dragons' Den, she wasn't so sure.

"I said, 'Really? I don't know if I could stand being beat up like that,'" the mother recalled.

"But she said, 'You can do this, let's go,' so we decided to give it a shot."

The Colbergs were among a number of Calgary entrepreneurs and hopefuls who auditioned for the TV show on Thursday. They presented their idea for a freezer organizer.

"It was actually amazing," said Colberg's daughter, Madison, of the experience. "Not as much stress, more just the anticipation that comes because you don't really know what to expect. We got all great feedback."


Diane Hancox auditioned for Dragons' Den on Thursday. (Mike Symington/CBC)

Diane Hancox pitched her brand of organic baby food, called "Yum Mum!"

"It took me two months to come up with the perfected product," said the mom of three. "I started cooking at home, eliminated all sodiums, sugars, additives, started using more herbs to naturally make delicious meals."

Those who are successful at the local auditions will be invited to Toronto to face the Dragons themselves — Jim Treliving, Michael Wekerle, Michele Romanow, Joe Mimran and Manjit Minhas.

Hancox says she's committed to bringing her best product to Toronto.

"My plan is to market hard, improve my product, improve my clientele base and have something really concrete to show the Dragons."

The Colbergs, too, say they're ready. 

"I won't let them chew me up and spit me out," said Heather Colberg.