A local not-for-profit has created a map of Calgary showing where domestic violence occurs, and it's a sobering image. 

"Domestic violence is prevalent all over Calgary, it's not in one place more than another," said HomeFront executive director Maggie MacKillop.

Her organization helps families dealing with violence at home navigate the legal system.

The map, which shows violence as heat sources over the city, is part of a fundraising campaign called "Cool It Calgary," with the goal of reducing the hot red marks that encompass Calgary.

"We want this conversation to continue so we can end domestic violence," said MacKillop.

It's a big challenge. Calgary police say there have been 30 per cent more assaults with a weapon this year compared with the same quarter last year. HomeFront says it's had more calls since the economic downturn. 

"Well if it's not impacting you directly, it's impacting your co-worker, your neighbour, your friend," said MacKillop. "The important thing is that it really takes a community to end domestic violence, so to be able to ask a friend, 'Are you OK? Is there something going on?'"

HomeFront has raised $15,000 so far, with a goal of $80,000.