The Calgary Humane Society says dozens of dogs rescued from unsanitary conditions in Acada are in poor condition.

Investigators say the 33 animals found cramped in a southeast Calgary home did suffer from neglect and they are now considering laying charges against the owner.

Joanne Leussink

Joanne Leussink alerted authorities after she discovered as many as 40 dogs, some locked up without food and water, inside her neighbour's house. (CBC)

"Once we've got all of our medical records and that, witness statements, put together we'll likely lay charges under the Animal Protection Act," said Brad Nichols, manager of animal cruelty investigations at the Calgary Humane Society.

"How many counts an which ones remains to be seen."

Joanne Leussink, a dog trainer and groomer who lives two doors down, entered the house in Acadia on Tuesday afternoon after a delivery person alerted her to the distressed animals inside.

“I opened up just the screen door and it smelt like urine,” said Leuzzink.

'No water, no nothing'

“In her bedroom I found her bed with about 24 kennels on the wall with all these little dogs in it, barking, no water, no nothing.”

“So I went downstairs and there’s like two inches of dog feces and empty bags of dog food down there,” she added.

Leussink said Bev Creed, the dog breeder who lives in the house and is well known on the dog show circuit, was not in the house.


Dozens of dogs were discovered in unsanitary conditions in this southeast Calgary home last week. (CBC)

Police and fire crews, along with officials from the Calgary Humane Society removed small and medium sized dogs of various breeds — including chihuahuas, greyhounds, whippets and miniature pinschers — from the squalid home.

The Animal Protection Act says animals must be kept in adequate space and officials are waiting for veterinarians to make that judgment call before proceeding with charges.