Dog breeder faces 51 charges in seizure of dozens of dogs

A Calgary woman is facing 51 charges after 33 dogs were found in a home in Acadia in May.

17 dogs found to be in medical distress in home that was covered in feces

Zip, a saluki owned by Lynn Knapp, was in Beverly Creed's Calgary house when Humane Society officials seized dozens of dogs they believed to be suffering neglect in May. (Lynn Knapp)

A Calgary dog breeder is now facing 51 charges after 33 dogs were found in a home in Acadia in May.

The charges come after the animals were discovered living in what investigators called cramped, unsanitary conditions. They say the home in southeast Calgary was covered in feces, the vents were clogged with dog hair and the furniture was in shambles.

Seventeen of the rescued dogs were described as being in medical distress.

Investigators say the animals did suffer neglect.

"I opened up the screen door and it smelt like urine," said Joanne Leussink, a dog trainer and groomer who lives two doors down from Beverly Creed, the woman facing the charges. 

"In her bedroom, I found her bed with about 24 kennels on the wall with all these little dogs in it, barking, no water, nothing. So I went downstairs and there's like two inches of dog feces and empty bags of dog food down there."

Beverly Creed is well-known on the dog show circuit.

Police and fire crews, along with Calgary Humane Society officials, removed small and medium-sized dogs of various breeds — including chihuahuas, greyhounds, whippets and miniature pinschers — from the home.

Creed is scheduled to appear in provincial court on August 27, 2014.