air conditioner

A city committee has rejected a report about noisy air conditioners that only consulted the industry and recommended no bylaw changes. (Jen Keiller/CBC)

The city is going to take another look at the issue of noisy air conditioners in residential areas.

Council asked for a report last year about what can be done about air conditioners that make noise reverberating between homes.

A report to a council committee on Tuesday suggested that no bylaw changes are needed. But the city only consulted the air conditioner industry, not the public.

That angered some members of the committee, including Mayor Naheed Nenshi and Coun. Druh Farrell.

“How do you think people who are impacted by this will react to this report, which is basically saying, 'Suck it up, it's not an issue, you're too sensitive, and we'll just keep on doing what [we] have been doing,’” said Farrell.

The committee rejected the report.

Instead it’s now calling for a public consultation and for another report to be presented in September.