Distracted driving law should be tougher, says Calgary police chief

Calgary's police chief wants the Alberta government to follow Ontario's lead on distracted driving.

Rick Hanson is applauding Ontario for its stand on distracted driving

Calgary police Chief Rick Hanson believes there needs to be tougher penalties for distracted driving. 2:44

Calgary's police chief wants the Alberta government to follow Ontario's lead on distracted driving.

Ontario is introducing a new law that would see drivers convicted of distracted driving get three demerit points.

The Ontario government wants to set higher fines for distracted drivers in a bid to make the province’s roads safer for pedestrians, cyclists and other motorists.

Police Chief Rick Hanson says that is the route this province should go as well. 

Hanson says police did see better behaviour in Alberta drivers when the distracted driving law came into place nearly two years ago

But he says the $172 fine in this province did not stop drivers from going back to bad habits.

A spokesperson for Alberta Justice says there are no plans to introduce new distracted driving laws in the spring session.