There are signs that the dispute between Calgary’s mayor and local homebuilders association is over.

On Tuesday, the two sides reached a joint statement, which was endorsed by city council with some minor changes.           

The dispute began last month when Nenshi’s office told Charron Ungar, president of the association's Calgary region, his group has been suspended from participating in all city hall proceedings.

That suspension was set to last until Ungar provided a written apology for "inaccurate assertions" he made about the city imposing a suburban development freeze, a letter from Nenshi’s chief of staff Chima Nkemdirim said.

Ungar refused, but did meet with Nenshi twice last week.

They worked out a joint statement and behind closed doors, the statement was endorsed by city council Tuesday afternoon.

The statement hasn't been released yet because Nenshi says he wants to ensure the homebuilders group is OK with a minor change to the deal.

The agreement will likely clear the way for the homebuilders association to resume its involvement with those city committees.

The joint statement is expected to be released to the public on Wednesday.