One Calgary environmental group says too many coffee cups are ending up in the trash every day in the city.

Green Calgary says approximately 800,000 disposable cups are thrown away daily.

"In the downtown core, we're looking at four to 19 per cent of waste is just coffee cups," said executive director Patricia Cameron.

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The group is trying to bring awareness to the issue.

"If you love your city, think about a stay cup," said Cameron.

Disposable coffee cups

Green Calgary is raising concerns about the amount of disposable coffee cup garbage. (CBC)

Café owners say it's time for a coffee cup change.

"'One cup at a time,' I just said to my staff member," said Margie Gibb, owner of Caffe Beano on 17th Avenue southwest.

She says discounts are available for people bringing in their own mugs.

"I'm even thinking of having a free travel mug to go day," she said.

Employees just down the street at Analog Coffee say coffee just tastes better in a mug. 

"Being environmentally friendly is always a little more expensive in the short term, but long term we want to leave a legacy," said manager Anthony Vink.