Disaster Alley

Thousands of Calgarians turned out Sunday for Disaster Alley at McMahon Stadium's parking lot. (Meghan Grant/CBC)

Despite the chilly weather, Disaster Alley is being hailed as a success again this year.

The City of Calgary put on the event with about 35 partners running booths and displays to demonstrate how they work together during disasters. Thousands turned up at McMahon Stadium's parking lot and many hope their enthusiasm helps get the message through to the entire family.

"Sometimes we use the kids to educate the parents and that translates up to the parents, and that's a good thing when that happens," said Tom Sampson, deputy Chief of Calgary's Emergency Management Agency.

Sampson says following last year's floods, people seem to understand the important of being prepared.

Disaster Alley promotes having a family plan during emergencies as well as a kit that can help families making it through 72 hours.