Calgary police are looking for two teenage suspects after a disabled man was dumped out of his wheelchair and robbed on Monday. 

The incident took place in the community of Kingsland in southwest Calgary.

Clint Hardman

Clint Hardman says he was disheartened, but not hurt by Monday's attack. (CBC)

Clint Hardman, 46, has just withdrawn money from the bank to pay his rent. On his way to a bus stop on Heritage Drive, he says his wheelchair was tipped over and two teenage assailants stole $1,400 he had in an envelope.

Hardman was not physically hurt and friends are helping him raise money to pay his rent.

However, he is disheartened by the casual cruelty of the assault and he had a message for his assailants.

"You didn't hurt me, you didn't do anything like that," said Hardman. "I just want to make sure no other people get hurt in this way or end up getting damaged in some sort of way physically as opposed to financially."

Police says it's quite unusual for a robbery to happen on a busy street in broad daylight and even more unusual for a disabled man to be targeted.