Direct Energy of Houston says it is ready to act to resolve a dispute with a Calgary woman over a gas billing error.

Amanda Palmer, a Calgary university student, says she is being harassed by a collection agency after a mix up by Direct Energy that left her on the hook for her entire apartment building’s gas bill instead of just her suite.  

After being contacted by CBC News, Direct Energy said it has identified the issue and is trying to get in touch with Palmer to resolve it.

The company says it "understands the need to ensure this account is tied to the right unit in the complex."

Palmer says she signed a contract with the gas company almost three years ago.

The company hired a collection agency that pursued Palmer, demanding she pay the $4,200 bill.

"They would call me a couple times a day and they would call my work. Pretty embarrassing going into work and having my boss say you're getting all these calls."

The nursing student has one year left before she graduates and she is worried about the impact this might have on her life, especially her credit.

Direct Energy says it sincerely apologizes to Ms. Palmer for any inconvenience this may have caused.