Calgary police are seeking a man believed to be linked to a spate of dine-and-dash meals at several restaurants across the city.

Staff at Muse restaurant say a man in his 20s was dining alone on Thursday night. He had two cocktails, an appetizer, dinner, half a bottle of wine, dessert and coffee — and then left an empty wallet on the table and walked out the door.

"We [did] see him leave the restaurant as well," said Muse co-owner Heather Wighton. "Very slow, very calm, wasn't running out of there."

In all, the skipped tab would have been $156.

Muse then tweeted a photo of the man, taken from surveillance video, that went viral locally with more than 150 retweets.

Then, two other restaurants came forward with the same story.

Teatro and Blink, two high-end downtown restaurants, both told Wighton they had fed the same dine-and-dasher in the past few days and, in both incidents, the man left an empty wallet on the table.

"Every pocket had a piece of magazine in it so the side view looked like receipts or ID in the wallet, so right away we knew that we were scammed," said Wighton.

Calgary police are investigating.