Development on western edge of Calgary prompts concerns

Residents of the communities of Valley Ridge and Crestmont are concerned about a proposal to add a shopping and residential complex just west of Canada Olympic Park. They say the roads can't handle the extra traffic.

Residents fear shopping mall, residential properties would add to traffic woes

Northwest Calgary residents are raising more concerns about a development at COP. 2:04

Some residents of the Valley Ridge and Crestmont neighbourhoods are worried about the increased traffic that a proposed new residential and commercial development may bring to the area. 

Shape Properties wants to build a mixed residential and commercial centre just west of Canada Olympic Park.

Some residents of Crestmont and neighbouring Valley Ridge worry about increased traffic from a new development. (CBC)

On Tuesday evening, residents had a chance to look at the plan.

Many expressed concerns about increased traffic to the area and the lack of access from Highway 1.

The only access point to the proposed development is from the Trans-Canada Highway. Dave McCarrel with the Valley Ridge Community Association says the road doesn't have the capacity for the extra traffic.

"People trying to exit off the Trans-Canada Highway into Valley Ridge would be stuck out on the highway, which would certainly be dangerous," he said.

Local resident Janet Shygera shares the concern about increased traffic. But she welcomes the idea of more commercial development in the area.

"I'm really looking forward to having more community as far as retail, shopping, grocery stores," she said. "But it's just the traffic."

Michael Nygren with Shape Properties says the developer is sensitive to the concerns.

"There's nothing here today that we're hearing that is new," he said. "And I think they're all valid concerns."

Coun. Ward Sutherland, who represents the area on Calgary's city council, says the province needs to build a proper traffic interchange and the city has to approve sewer extensions before the development proceeds.

The development proposal is expected to come to city council in the spring.