A new study is looking at how Calgary's decision to pull fluoride from drinking water is affecting children's teeth.

Dental exams will be performed on hundreds of students from grades 1 and 2 at Calgary schools. The results will be compared with children in Edmonton, where the water is still fluoridated.


A researcher from the University of Calgary is investigating children's teeth roughly two years after the city pulled fluoride out of the drinking water. (iStock)

Fluoridation of Calgary's water stopped in May 2011. 

"A theme that comes up is how do we know what to do if we don't have local evidence?" said Lindsay McLaren, head researcher of the study at the University of Calgary.

"This will serve as some local up-to-date evidence that will help to inform these decisions."

While more and more Canadian communities are opting to get rid of fluoride, most studies on the subject are out of date, McLaren says.

The research project will run until June.

Alberta Health Services plans to present the findings at that time to Calgary's city council.

Dr. Richard Musto, Calgary's medical officer of health, said he hopes the new evidence convinces councillors to revisit the issue.