A Calgary veterinarian says they could only save one of three dogs from anti-freeze poisoning this week.

The dogs ate some sausages laced with the chemical in the backyard of their home in Patterson Heights.


Bailey also ate the sausages but is expected to recover. (Submitted by Love Your Pet)

Kevin Cosford says the other two were too sick to survive. He says the family and the veterinary staff feel the loss.

"Max and Phoebe were very special to this family and to everybody here as well," said Cosford.

"It was just devastating emotionally, I think to the family, most importantly, as well as to many of our staff to see these dogs go through this, these perfectly healthy dogs."

Cosford says the surviving dog, Bailey, should be able to go home Saturday.

“I think Bailey got a much lower dose than some of the other dogs and she also vomited up a lot of material initially right from the get go. So she received a much lower dose and we were able to get to her in time to administer fluids and the antidote for this particular toxicity."

Cosford says anti-freeze causes the kidneys to shut down, so it's important to get treatment as soon as possible.

The Calgary Humane Society and the city's Animal Services are investigating.