A Calgary basketball coach who had sex with a teenage player was handed an extra two years on his sentence after the Alberta Court of Appeal granted the Crown's application.

Dean Vigon pleaded guilty to sexual exploitation, making child pornography and internet luring in 2014 and was handed a sentence of 3½ years.

On Thursday the appeal court increased that sentence to 5½ years despite one of the three judges giving a dissenting opinion that Vigon should face 7½ years behind bars.

"The sentencing judge over-emphasized the value of the guilty pleas," reads part of the appeal decision.

Vigon began a sexual relationship with one of his 15-year-old players in 2008 and was charged with nine sex-related offences in 2012.

During his plea the court heard Vigon also took photos and video of her.

He coached a number of teams at Calgary schools including the Calgary Christian School and the Calgary Basketball Academy.

He also described himself as the victim's "life coach and mentor."

According to an agreed statement of facts, the victim's parents trusted him and even had him over for dinner.

"Misuses of the internet allow predators such as Vigon virtual access into the homes and minds of vulnerable adolescents in a manner which precludes intervention and protection by parents or others," the judgement reads.

"He used email and text messaging as a private means of communication with the goal of isolating and manipulating the complainant. This harmed her over and above the harm caused by the resulting sexual contact."

Vigon began his sentence in January 2015.