Calgary pet owners are being warned to vaccinate their dogs against the deadly parvovirus.

In the last two weeks the Calgary Humane Society has euthanized 10 dogs that were in the advanced stages of the Canine Parvo Virus.

Parvo is very infectious in puppies and can affect an animal's intestines, heart or respiratory system, and can kill dogs that aren’t vaccinated.

The Calgary Humane Society’s Tammy Mazubert said an alarming number of dogs have tested positive for Parvo in the last two weeks.

"The first step I would take is to definitely call your veterinary and make sure your pets [vaccinations] are up to date," said Mazubert.

Mazubert said pet owners should make sure they're getting a puppy from a place that's reputable.

"If you’re adopting from a rescue or you’re buying off Kijiji mak[e] sure those animals are vaccinated, that they are coming with vet checks done before hand."

Mazubert says the classic symptoms to watch out for are vomiting and diarrhea.

The disease is often found in the fecal matter of infected dogs.