Daytime checkstop campaign launches in Calgary

Calgary police are launching its holiday season daytime checkstop campaign called "Operation Enough is Enough."

Police will be out in full force this holiday season to draw attention to the issue of impaired driving

"Operation Enough is Enough" was launched today as part of the Calgary police's holiday checkstop blitz. (CBC)

Calgary police are launching its holiday season daytime checkstop campaign called "Operation Enough is Enough." 

It comes after 18 alcohol-related driving deaths this year.

Insp. Michael Watterston says it is everyone's responsibility to help stop drunk drivers. 

"Be responsible for others that are with you, with the community at large," he said. "If you do see someone that has had a little too much to drink to be driving, even during the daytime, step in and help that individual." 

Last year more than 15 drivers were charged with impaired driving after being caught during the day. There were also five 72-hour suspensions and more than a dozen 24-hour suspensions after roughly 7,300 vehicles were stopped.

Almost half of all the fatal crashes in Calgary so far this year have involved alcohol.

"We want that person who is contemplating getting behind the wheel to feel shamed into understanding that's not acceptable — nobody wants to get into a car with you if you've had alcohol," said Watterston.

"But do something about it, don't let that person drive off and hope they are going to be OK."


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