Julia Gwyn-Morris, co-owner of Daydreams and Sunbeams daycare in High River, says the business will now offer care until 11:45 p.m. (CBC)

A business south of Calgary is expanding the boundaries of a traditional daycare by staying open late into the evening.

On Monday, Daydreams and Sunbeams in High River began offering child care until 11:45 PM.

The service is a big help for Mawill Rodriquez, who works later shifts at the Cargill meat plant in town and has a young daughter who needs looking after.

"It's peace of mind for me to know I can work those hours at night and know I have someone I trust to take care of her," she said.  

The facility’s co-owner Julia Gwyn-Morris said there were reams of red tape to unravel before they could offer the later hours.

Gwyn-Morris, who used to work night shifts as a nurse, said her ultimate goal is to offer daycare 24 hours a day.

"Right now as legislation is we cannot provide care for children after 12 midnight. That's a licensing regulation. Hopefully with the success of this program we can make those changes," she said.