Day in the Life YYC: Show us your Calgary

It's almost time Calgary. On Thursday, March 12, we want to see your world. Join CBC Calgary as we livestream thousands of your photos and short videos.

On March 12 share your pictures and video on social media with the hashtag #dayinthelifeyyc to join in

It's almost time Calgary. On Thursday, March 12, we want to see your world.

For 24 hours we want Calgarians from all corners of the city to send us photos or short videos of a moment in their day.

 We will set up a live feed so you can watch the incoming media as it arrives on your desktop or on your mobile device. And when we have all the photos and video, we will edit together a documentary of your moments.

You don't have to be a great photographer to take part! Even the most amateur photo or video will do. The images can be funny or mundane. If you send us video, please narrate it — tell us what you see and why. 

We are particularly interested in a photo from a wedding on that day, and an image of a baby born.

Get your phone, camera and tablet ready and mark March 12 on your calendar.

We will be looking for your pictures and videos on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #dayinthelifeyyc, or you can submit your content directly to 

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Are you looking for still photos or videos?

A: Both! The goal is the richest, most diverse and exciting cross-section of Calgary possible. If you shoot video, try to provide some narration. A few words that answer, "What is this moment?" Keep the videos under 20 seconds. If you are shooting video, remember to shoot horizontally — or turn your camera sideways — before pressing play.

Q: What kind of subject matter do you want?

A: Almost anything goes. We want to see a loved one waking up, a video of you commuting to work, a tender moment, a video of an encounter that will make us laugh and cry. We want to see a sunrise. Your street corner. We want to see all corners of Calgary. Hidden ones, familiar ones. Show us what you see and what you love about Calgary. Who do you love? We'd like to meet them, too.

Q: What don't you want?

A: Keep it clean, folks. This is a family-friendly project. Some things are better kept private.

Q: Should I narrate my video?

A: Yes please. A few words about the video and what it means to you. Just a few words.

Q: My images won't send. What do I do?

A: Email us at and someone will help you. Operators will be standing by.

Q: Can I send you images from another day?

A: We love it when you share. But for this project, we're just looking for images from Thursday, March 12, 2015.

Q: I work the night shift. How can I be involved?

A: The day begins at 12:01 a.m. and runs for 24 hours. We would love an image from overnight.

Q: Does CBC own my images forever?

A: No, you still own the images. But if you share them with us, we assume you're giving permission for us to include it in our TV and online presentations.

Q: Will CBC pay for my images?

A: No.

Q: When and where can I see the finished documentary?

A: We will need a few days to put it together. Once it's done, we will post it to and we will run it on CBC News Calgary. Don't worry — we will give you plenty of warning.


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