An insurance company raised questions about Dr. Evan Matshes’ work, saying Matshes came to 'unreasonable conclusions.' (CBC)

While the work a Calgary pathologist did for Alberta Justice is being investigated, the man continues to work for the province, this time for Alberta Health Services.

Liberal MLA David Swann wants to know why the man is again working for the province while the review takes place, and why all of his case files are not being investigated.

Today in the legislature, Swann identified the pathologist involved as Evan Matshes.

Matshes is currently employed by Calgary Lab Services, which is owned by Alberta Health Services.

Thirteen of Matshes’ homicide cases are getting a second look after an insurance company raised questions about an accidental death.


Liberal MLA David Swann named Matshes in the legislature on Tuesday. (CBC)

Swann says he wants answers.

"Last week it was announced that pathologist’s Dr. Evan Matshes’ homicide autopsies are being reviewed for ‘making unreasonable conclusions’ in very serious medical legal cases. To the minister, why are not all his case files, including the autopsy’s he conducted at Calgary Lab Services since leaving the medical office being investigating?"

Health Minister Fred Horne wouldn't answer Swann's question or discuss the investigation.

He would only say he's been assured Matshes isn't involved in any activities that would jeopardize the quality or safety of the services he provides.

Matshes worked as a forensic pathologist in Calgary for 13 months.