Alberta Liberal Party Leader David Khan will run against United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney in the upcoming Calgary-Lougheed byelection.

"I look forward to a vigorous campaign that will provide robust debate on the important issues facing all Albertans, and a clear alternative to the NDP and the UCP," Khan said Friday, in a statement announcing his candidacy.

Khan, who doesn't hold a seat in the legislature, was elected leader of the Alberta Liberals in June.

Former leader David Swann stepped down after the Liberals were reduced from five seats in the legislature to just one seat — Swann's — in the 2015 provincial election.

Swann remains the party's only MLA in the legislature.

Khan will be up against Kenney, who was elected leader of the newly formed UCP in October.

The riding has been vacant since Nov. 1 when UCP MLA Dave Rodney resigned to give Kenney a chance to win a seat.

Dr. Phillip van der Merwe is the sole candidate for the NDP nomination in the riding and is expected to be acclaimed this weekend.

The byelection is Dec. 14.