Despite saying he had been "strongly cautioned" against posting publicly, David Stephan has published another scathing tirade against the justice system, jury and judges after an Alberta Appeal Court upheld convictions against him and his wife for failing to provide the necessaries of life to their son.

"Within the current system there is no room for justice and truth, there is no humanity and there definitely is no love," David Stephan wrote in a public Facebook post.

Stephan broke his silence Wednesday night after the Appeal Court upheld the convictions for him and his wife, Collet Stephan, for failing to provide the necessaries of life to their 19-month-old son, Ezekiel, who died of meningitis in 2012.

A Lethbridge jury found the couple guilty in 2016.

Stephan described the court's decision to uphold the jury's convictions as a "roller-coaster of emotions."

In the online post, Stephan criticized the other judges involved in the case and the justice system, writing that the original judge erred in law.

He also said the prosecution "withheld and falsified evidence" and participated in an "elaborate coverup" during the trial.

It's not the first time Stephan has taken to social media to criticize the system.

In April 2016, he blasted prosecutors for what he described as "deception, drama and trickery."

Stephan acknowledged he's been advised against public posts as they could affect pending court hearings, but said he needed to "take a stand for the truth."

"I have been strongly cautioned to keep quiet as these types of posts could influence the outcome of court decisions, bail hearings etc… But this world needs more people that are willing to take a stand for truth… regardless of the cost," he wrote.

Stephan indicated that despite recently paying off more than $500,000 in legal costs, those fees "are now going to start accumulating again." He also expressed gratitude for the $150,000 in donations he has received.

Stephans praise dissenting judge

During the trial, jurors heard the Stephans used natural remedies and homemade smoothies containing hot pepper, ginger root, horseradish and onion.

Despite the fact the boy became so stiff he couldn't sit in his car seat, the Stephans did not call for medical assistance until Ezekiel stopped breathing. He was rushed to a local hospital but died after being transported to Calgary.


Ezekiel Stephan died in March 2012 of meningitis. (Stephan family)

Because one of the three judges on the appeal panel dissented, the couple has an automatic right to have the Supreme Court of Canada hear arguments in the case.

The couple praised Justice Brian O'Ferrall for dissenting.

"[He] was willing to go against the grain and judge righteously, in light of whatever political pressure that he was up against," said Stephan.

He was sentenced to four months in jail while Collet Stephan was given three months of house arrest. 

Both were also ordered to complete 240 hours of community service and must take their surviving children to a medical doctor at least once a year.

The Crown has filed its own appeal.

At a later date lawyers will argue the couple should face stiffer sentences before another panel of Court of Appeal judges.

Stephans 'overcome with joy' over latest pregnancy

The Stephans now live in Nelson, B.C., with their three sons and are "overcome with joy," expecting another child, who was due Wednesday.

Although it is highly likely David Stephan will be allowed to remain on bail pending the outcome of the prosecution's appeal, he indicated he now has to begin serving his four-month sentence. 

"I will no longer be able to be there to support my wife through the birthing process and meet the newest member of our family until I get out of jail," he wrote.

Stephan commits to speaking out more often before his final message: "Bless you all and may truth prevail!"


  • An earlier version of this story said the Stephans treated their son with "naturopathic" remedies such as hot peppers, garlic, onions and horseradish. In fact, they treated him with "natural remedies" and homemade smoothies containing hot pepper, ginger root, horseradish and onion.
    Nov 16, 2017 2:45 PM MT