Alberta's interim premier is defending a decision to stop funding a program that protects victims of domestic violence.

For the past three years, the province funded a GPS pilot project in Red Deer that tracked the location of domestic abusers using special bracelets, making sure they kept away from their victims. 

However, that funding has expired and the Premier says more evaluation is needed.

Dave Hancock

Deputy Premier Dave Hancock says a new negotiating team with a new mandate has been put in place to resume talks with AUPE. (CBC )

"The reality is, the pilot project has always been a pilot project. There was always going to be an assessment period to determine the effectiveness," said Premier Dave Hancock. "If that determination is made, then we can look at how it gets put in place in Red Deer and across the province."

CBC News interviewed two women whose abusive exes were in the program.

Those women say they now fear for their lives.

A Red Deer city councillor is also lobbying to have the project's funding renewed.