The fire department's high angle team works to remove a dangling piece of debris from the Husky tower. (Bal Brach/CBC)

Crews removed a piece of metal that was dangling off one of the towers at Western Canadian Place in downtown Calgary Wednesday morning.  

100-kilometre per hour winds blew a sign off the 40-story building that houses Husky Energy on Tuesday afternoon, prompting officials to close several roads until Wednesday morning.

The sign with the Husky dog logo landed on the roof of a nearby 16-story tower. Two vehicles were badly damaged from falling debris, but no one was injured.

On Wednesday morning the fire department’s high angle team and private contractors used scaffolding to remove a one-metre piece of aluminum that was dangling from the top of the building.

The sections of Eighth Avenue and Sixth Street S.W. that were closed for safety reasons have now been reopened.

In January two city blocks were closed when wire mesh around the sign blew off the tower.