While the weather has been enticing motorcyclists to go for a rip in Calgary, police hope there won't be more incidents like the one caught on video over the weekend.

Three riders can be seen speeding and swerving across lanes of Deerfoot Trail, one even riding the inside shoulder.

Police say it creates a dangerous situation for motorcyclists and other vehicles that may not expect to see motorcycles this time of year.

"Unfortunately you get ... idiots who want to treat spaces like Deerfoot Trail as their personal racetrack," said Staff Sgt. Colin Foster, acting command for the Calgary police traffic unit.

He says an investigation is underway.

"When we do find these riders they are looking at fairly serious charges under the Criminal Code of dangerous driving, as a minimum." 

But motorcycle enthusiasts say they don't want to be lumped in with the actions of the riders in the video.

"I just hope that people aren't painting us with the same brush. We all are different people. We are individuals. Some are going to think that it's fun to be respectful on the road," said Dan Cawthorn from Kane's Harley Davidson in Inglewood.

Dan Cawthorn Harley Davidson

Dan Cawthorn says most of the people who come into Kane's Harley Davidson store in Inglewood drive safely because most are aware that bikers are more vulnerable on the roads. (Stephanie Wiebe/CBC)

Cawthorn says he is happy to see motorcycles on the road earlier than is typical for Calgary, but says it has to be done safely.

"You don't want to see anything like [what is in the video] at any point."

He says drivers should be on the lookout in case there are more motorcycles on the road as the weather continues to stay warm.

"A thing we always hear when people are in accidents on motorcycles is, 'Oh, I didn't even see the bike,'" said Cawthorn, "I love the fact that they're out, I just hope that people are being a little bit more careful with it."

Calgary police say there were three fatal motorcycle collisions in Calgary in 2015, plus another one that took place in a parking lot.