Calgary Transit doesn't expect normal C-Train service to resume between Dalhousie and Crowfoot stations before Monday morning.

The C-Train hasn't been running between the two northwest stations since Tuesday afternoon when an overhead power line came down.

Ron Collins of Calgary Transit was asked what happened.

Dalhouise buses

Calgary commuters take buses from Dalhousie station Wednesday morning. C-Train service is expected to be disrupted until Monday. (Justin Pennell/CBC)

“Don't know, that's still part of the investigation, that's ongoing, so I'm sure we will determine that at the end of the investigation, but as it is right now, I have no idea what happened.”

A shuttle bus service was operating between the two stations Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday, Calgary Transit plans to run a single-track train between the stations. Over the weekend, shuttle bus service will resume. 

Collins was asked if other lines are being checked.

“That's something that we'll have to look at as a result of this. Certainly we have preventative maintenance programs in place across the city already," said Collins. 

"We'll be looking at that depending on what caused this one, in terms of whether we need to review anything or change anything up, but at this stage, it'd be speculative on my part because we really haven't determined exactly what caused the fault.”

Joel Lunn, who normally commutes along the line, says Calgary Transit has been quick to react to the problem. 

"They've acted pretty fast, which I like to see. Usually when stuff happens, it takes a bit longer for them, but I see that they're on top of things and they're a bit faster now."