The father and stepmother of a little girl who died in 2011 are now charged with first-degree murder in her death.       

Six-year-old Meika Jordan was fatally injured in November of that year while in the care of Spencer Lee Jordan and Marie Eva Magoon.       

An autopsy revealed the girl died of multiple blunt force trauma.

But those injuries didn't fit the story initially provided to police — that she'd fallen down the stairs.

After a nearly year-long investigation, Jordan and Magoon were each charged with second-degree murder.


Meika Jordan, 6, died in 2011 of multiple blunt force trauma. (Facebook )

In the hall outside the courtroom, there were tears and hugs as Meika’s mother, Kyla Woodhouse, and her family reacted to the upgrade in charges.

Woodhouse said it’s another step toward justice for her daughter.

"It's very exciting in a way for us to know there's been some real progress made," she said.

Investigators, prosecutors praised for work

Brian Woodhouse, her husband, said coming face-to-face with Magoon and Jordan during each court appearance is tough.

"Is always difficult. It's one of those things — it seems that the more time that goes by it should be easier," he said. 

"And then the minute we see them walk into the courtroom, it all comes back again."

The newly-married couple praised the work done by investigators and prosecutors.

"Knowing that the police [are] doing what they've done, the homicide unit, the crown prosecutors," said Kyla.

"It's amazing to know that they're working that hard for our little girl to make justice for her."

A first-degree murder conviction carries an automatic life sentence with no chance of parole for 25 years.

The pair is back in court for a preliminary inquiry in October.