A Calgary cycling group says it has concerns about the proposed downtown bike lanes on Sixth and Seventh streets.

The Calgary Tour De Nuit Society says the proposed bike lanes will be too close to parked cars, which will increase the chance that cyclists may crash into opening doors.

Society member Jessica Mitchell said cyclists are considering everything from a petition to even a boycott of the upcoming bike lanes.

"Our primary concerns would be with the width of the lane and being so close to the cars and the door zone," Mitchell said. "That's a real danger for cyclists."

Mitchell says there are also areas where the bike lanes cross with cars, making for what she calls an accident waiting to happen.

The new on-street lanes will be created along Sixth Street and Seventh Street S.W., creating a connection for cyclists to the Peace Bridge, which crosses the Bow River.

City transportation spokesperson Ryan Murray says the creation of the bike lanes follows consultations with numerous bike groups, motorists and business owners in the area.

"Where we can, we will provide as much space as possible between the parked cars and the bike lane to avoid or minimize that door zone area," Murray said.

Murray adds it's not easy to keep a happy balance between pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, but the lanes will provide Calgarians with a choice.

The bike lanes are still being designed, but Murray says they're being drawn according to safety guidelines.

Painting will begin on the lanes at the end of this year's construction season.