A bunch of strangers cuddling and affectionately massaging each other in a room might sound a little odd but it’s becoming an increasingly popular event in Calgary.

It’s appropriately called a "cuddle party." 

Rovena Skye is a cuddle party facilitator. She hosted the city’s first party one year ago. 

"The response I got was absolutely overwhelming. It didn't just give people a place — a safe place — to be, just as they are, it also created a community," she said. 

That sense of community is attracting people such as Anna Alexander.

Initially, she said the idea of getting cozy with complete strangers was off-putting. She changed her mind after attending her first party.

"It can be very isolating living in Calgary. Prior to coming to a cuddle party, I would be lucky to get a hug once a month. I'm going to get 20 hugs tonight easy," she said.

According to the Cuddle Party website, Calgary is now Canada's most active city for cuddle parties.

The next party takes place this Friday as cuddlers hug it out at an "End of the World" theme party.