Crystal Crowchild on trial for murder of Aref Nassereddine

There is no question Crystal Crowchild killed Aref Selman Nassereddine — a man who had just paid her for sex, according to the Crown lawyer at Crowchild's murder trial.

6-year-old discovered her father's body in their home after he was stabbed

Aref Nassereddine, 64, was stabbed to death in his home in 2010 after having sex with a prostitute. (CBC)

There is no question former prostitute Crystal Crowchild killed her client Aref Selman Nassereddine, according to the Crown lawyer at Crowchild's murder trial. 

Crowchild is charged with second-degree murder in the stabbing death of Nassereddine at his Rosscarrock home

"This is not a whodunnit," said prosecutor Vicki Faulkner. "Crystal Crowchild has said to police, to friends and to family 'I did it.'"

Nassereddine's body was discovered in his home by his wife and daughter.

"This disturbing scene was the first thing his wife and daughter would see when they entered the home," said Faulkner.

A year-long investigation that included many intercepted phone calls led to Crowchild's arrest.

At first his death was considered suspicious, but a few months later police said lab results identifying DNA at the crime scene were instrumental in determining that the man was killed.

After having sex, Faulkner said Nassereddine wanted more but Crowchild refused. He followed her downstairs where she stabbed him several times, according to the opening statement to the jury.

The jury also heard that Crowchild's DNA was found on Nassereddine's body and clothing.

The trial is set to last two weeks.